Published date: January 15, 2024


CLASS TITLE: Water & Wastewater Supervisor GROUP E: Supervisory
DIVISION: Utilities FLSA STATUS: Exempt/Full Time


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JOB SUMMARY: Under the general direction of the Public Works Manager, supervises utility personnel at three water plants and one wastewater treatment plant twenty-four hours, seven days a week; assigns work duties and schedules; supervises maintenance of grounds and buildings at various city facilities; responsible for preventive maintenance on all equipment associated with water production and wastewater treatment; responsible for coordinating the operation and maintenance of water and wastewater facilities; responsible for compliance and reporting; performs other duties as assigned.



  • Employee supervision: supervises, evaluates, disciplines, and trains utility personnel; assigns duties and work schedules; assists utility personnel with difficult job assignments and problems; advises utility personnel of proper work methods and procedures; assists in enforcing policies and regulations; administers safety program and enforces safety regulations; oversees daily water/wastewater operations and calls for service; supervises employees engaged in the installation and/or maintenance of water meters, water and wastewater service lines, mains, and related components (i.e. valves, hydrants, meter vaults, manholes, pumps and lift stations); uses good judgment for work safety and use of equipment
  • Issue identification and resolution: Identifies failures at water/wastewater facilities and troubleshoot failure(s) as needed; identifies most cost-effective solution(s) for necessary repair(s); conducts/coordinates necessary repair(s); oversees repair and maintenance of water plants, pump station facilities and related components;
  • Emergency response: Responds to/coordinates emergency work to restore water and/or wastewater systems back to normal operations; determine severity and triggers of emergencies as well as appropriate response level; consider risks and ramifications of actions
  • Compliance/reporting: Generates and submits compliance reports as required by regulating authorities; schedules bacteriological and chlorine water sampling; keeps records of water pumped and purchased; oversees facility security.
  • CIP project supervision: Cooperate with Department Manager/contractor to monitor progress of utility-related capital improvement projects approved for the fiscal year
  • Budget planning: Ensure adequate funds are available to maintain and improve water/wastewater related infrastructure/facilities
  • Asset management: Develop and maintain program to the track condition of facility assets to plan for future replacement or repair
  • MS4 tracking: Cooperate with Department Manager to monitor/track MS4 program activities
  • O.G. program supervision: Develops and maintains compliance inspection schedules, logs, records and documentation
  • Additional duties: Works in confined spaces using proper safety gear; inspects elevated/ground water storage tanks for quality control; locates supply sources for parts required to repair city facility equipment; keeps inventory of replacement parts for instrumentation and telemetry equipment; schedules vehicles, equipment, and machinery for maintenance and repairs
  • Communicates effectively and courteously with other city employees and the public
  • Converses with customers on matters pertaining to the water and wastewater systems
  • Other duties as assigned


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Lifts and carries up to 100 pounds, and pulls, pushes, or drags up to 150 pounds of maintenance equipment. Crawls, kneels, squats, stoops, and twists for extended periods while supervising or inspecting work. Sits, stands, or walks for extended periods of time while supervising or writing reports. Works indoors and outdoors in extreme temperatures including heat, cold, temperature swings, or inclement weather. Some exposure to dust, odor, electrical, mechanical and toxic hazards, using proper safety precautions. Able to climb elevated storage tanks.



  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Double Class C Ground Water and Wastewater or higher certificate of competency as mandated by TCEQ
  • Additional accredited training courses in water operations preferred.
  • Must possess a valid Texas driver’s license.



  • Good knowledge of the methods, practices, and equipment used in the installation and/or maintenance of water distribution and wastewater collection systems;
  • Considerable knowledge of equipment, materials, methods, and practices used in the operation and maintenance of water plants and lift stations;
  • Considerable knowledge of groundwater under the influence (GUI systems)
  • Ability to review, interpret and evaluate plans and specifications
  • Ability to prepare concise and accurate reports and to work effectively with the public, other city departments and with water and wastewater customers.
  • Three to five years of progressively responsible experience
  • Two years in supervisory capacity or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Supplemental Job Application Questions: These questions aim to assess your practical knowledge and hands-on experience in various aspects of water and wastewater management, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s capabilities and expertise.

  • Ground Water Under the Influence Systems (GUI):Describe your experience working with Ground Water Under the Influence (GUI) systems. Provide specific examples of projects or tasks you have undertaken related to GUI systems.
  • Compliance and Reporting: Outline your experience in ensuring compliance with water or wastewater regulations. Can you provide examples of how you’ve managed compliance and reporting responsibilities in previous roles?
  • Coordinating Emergency Repairs: Share instances where you have coordinated emergency repairs for both water main breaks and sanitary backups.
  • Customer Service and Troubleshooting: Detail your experience with customer service in the context of addressing water or wastewater-related problems. How do you approach troubleshooting to identify and resolve issues?
  • Supervisory Experience: Discuss your experience in supervising subordinates, especially in a water or wastewater-related setting. How do you motivate and lead your team to ensure optimal performance? Provide an example of a successful project or achievement that resulted from effective supervision.
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