The Public Works Institute of Texas (PWITX) continues an award winning tradition of providing members of the Texas Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) with the highest quality in educational and professional development opportunities.

The PWITX will consist of four sessions in the American Public Works Association’s 90-hour program of instruction in Supervision and Management in Public Works. This program, covering basic and advanced supervision and management over a two-year period, was developed by APWA to meet the training needs of municipal utility and public works agencies. The highly affordable program is taught by experienced public works practitioners to public works employees and culminates in a PWITX certificate of completion.

Students will be allowed to start the PWITX during any session. However, they are required to commit to completing the entire 90 hours of training upon acceptance into the PWITX. In addition, once started, the student will be able to delay enrolling for the next session if conflicts arise and the PWITX Administrator is notified of the conflict.

The sessions for the PWITX will be rotated to occur in four areas of the State: Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the Houston-Galveston area, the Austin area and the San Antonio area. One session will be scheduled in April and October annually. The classes within each session will be conducted over a period of three consecutive days. Each session will contain a minimum of 27 hours of instruction

PWITX Committee

  • Tim Tumulty/Committee Chair
  • Ines Roach/Administrator
  • John German
  • Robert Kopp
  • Bob Lowry
  • Mark Hines
  • Gloria Martinez
  • Elvira Alonzo
  • Daniel Krueger
  • Joshua Mair
  • Jody Byerly

Upcoming Institute Dates

October 2024: San Antonio


PWITX Curriculum:

  • Exhibiting and inspiring leadership

  • Embracing and Executing Change

  • Effective Skills and attributes for Managing Staff

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Building Teams, Relationships and Partnerships

  • Providing Excellent Community Service

  • Managing Finances, Budgeting and Resources

  • Governmental and Legal Considerations

  • Public Works Operations and Municipal Services

  • Planning for the Future

  • Creating and Growing Sustainable Communities

  • Managing Resources and Infrastructure


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